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Ryon & Morgan are high school sweethearts and have been together for 15 years. They live in their self converted school bus, Chitty Bang, with their two daughters, Rion and Laila, their English Mastiff, Mila and Micio, their cat. They have been living tiny for 2 years, homeschooling nearly 4, and enjoying the experiences along the way. Ryon is a Retired Sergeant of the U.S. Army, Combat Infantryman, and has a Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Business. Morgan works online via their website, YouTube, and as a Young Living Distributor. She is also a contributing author to Bus Conversion Magazine and holds a Bachelor of Science in Management.


From Us:

We have learned over the last few years of homesteading and then becoming minimalists and living tiny, that no matter what we can dream, we can build.  It began with our passion to live more self sufficiently, being aware of what we eat, what we feed our children, the chemicals around us everyday, and how we can teach our children to be more self reliant. We have tried Aquaponics, Raising Rabbits, Incubating and raising Chickens & Tukeys, Building Fences, Building things in general, Canning, Processing Our Own Food, Homeschooling, weightloss, and much more. Through set backs and many "re-do's" we are inventing, discovering, learning, and researching our way through websites, books, and our own personal experience in the small homesteaders’, RVers’, and do it yourselfers’ way of life. We have had some amazing mentors in life and will be planning to add them to the podcast so we all can collaborate and learn something new!

Now, we are looking for a new homesteading location to start a new chapter in our lives by living 100% debt free in our off grid Tiny House Skoolie.

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