This week's episode is all about our fellow former skoolie dweller, Dr. Dave Heitmann. We learn about his background, bus life, foraging, gut health, foot health, priorities in life, and so much more! Tune in and check out Dr. Dave at his links below!

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Dave's Story

Start- Health? Wealth? Happiness?

5:00:00 Discovering School Buses

9:30:00 Ego is the money

10:05:00 Love CAN pay the bills

12:15:00 Bankruptcy

18:55:00 Skooliepalooza and Minimalism

20:10:00 Reset Your Life

21:15:00 Foraging

22:00:00 Gut Health

24:30:00 Merriweather’s Foraging Guide

26:45:00 Deer Problems

 30:00:00 Being Human

33:00:00 Nutrition in our Body

34:00:00 CBD Oil

39:50:00 Vibram Five Finger shoes and Foot Health

41:00:00 Barefoot Health

41:51:00 Book in the works

43:00:00 Ryon is Wrong!

46:00:00 Flip Flops Bad for Your Feet- Try Xero Shoes

49:20:00 Texas

50:00:00 Health in His House

50:30:00 Blue Blocker Glasses

58:00 No Hobbies, Just School

59:00 Homeschooling

1:00:00 Foot Pain Solutions and other social Media

1:02:00 Free KIT!!!

1:07:00 Hannah Leigh Farms (aquaponics in Austin)



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