This week we sat down with Crab's Combat Buddy Nicholas Erickson and they share drunk stores from the glory party days, crazy army stories, Gun stories, Snipers, PTSD, and what living in an RV with his family is like! This was a really fun time with lots of laughs. We had some drinks and had a good time talking with this blast from the past! Hope yall enjoy!



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5:00 Why Move into an RV?


17:45 Alaskan Stories


21:30 Drunk Stories


32:15 Men’s Hair Removal


38:30 Dick Pics and Facebook’s Sexism


41:00 Dick pic story looped back


43:00 Morgan Just wants to see Weiners


43:45 Ryon’s Get Naked Story


52:15 Drink Pickle Juice for HangOvers


54:10 Saving Money Living Tiny


58:00 George Strait, Clint Black, & Pam Tillis


1:00:00 Jimmy and the Johnsons Band Story


1:07:00 Ryon was NOT a Runner in the Army


1:13:00 Reasons for joining the Army


1:26: 55 1% of the WORLD


1:32:25  Alaskan Land Navigation


1:36:13 Buying our first HandGun


1:38:40 Carrying Guns Stories


1:42:30  Air Force Vet Harassed by HOA security for Jogging in her own Neighborhood


1:45:40 Combat Veterans and PTSD


1:50:00 Mo Gets Carded for Carrying a Gun and Discrimination


1:55:00 Engin-Nerds Friends


1:55:40- Short Term Memory Loss and Explosive Combat Stories


2:01:52 – Morgan’s Flashing A Cop Story


2:05:00- PTSD and the VA


2:07:00- Shooting Guns and Shit


2:08:00 Hearing Loss and Other Stories


2:12:17 -Crazy Stories of Joe Wanting out of the Army


2:17:20 – Advice for people who want to RV


2:24:40- Our Sun Sail Project


2:28:00- Welding


2:37:00- Wine Tasting Story


2:41:45- Ryon’s MicroBrewery Tasting Experience- Old BandAids


2:44:00- How to taste Wine and Fix Shitty Wine

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