This episode is prob my most favorite because we finally explain how we lost over 90 lbs between the 2 of us last year doing Intermittent Fasting and Physical activity. We started off with no gym, just us and our body weight and schedule of when we would eat and not eat. Then we went to a rv resort with a small gym room, and then to workamping a tree lot, then to being couch potatoes, how we have managed our weight loss since we lost it and if we have been able to maintain it. What we learned and more in the process we share with you! The best part is, it is FREE! It is the cheapest and easiest "diet" we have ever done! Eating what we want and not making it hard.



Episode Break Down:

3:45 Why we had to get healthy

6:00 Our Stats and What we Tried

8:00 Intermittent Fasting

12:00 Running Walk About

15:00 Schedule for the First Week

17:00 WATER

19:30 Pizza/ We Are NOT on a DIET

20:50 8th Day

22:00 248 lbs May 20th (20 Days)

25:50 From Outside to Inside & A gym

27:00 Exercise

29:00 Brain & Stomach

32:00 1 & 1 to 1 Meal a Day

36:30 Share a Meal

37:00 Morgan Gets Cranky & Micio Gets in The Way

41:30 Plateau & Dropping Weight

46:00 High Protein & High Healthy Fats & Low Carbs

48:20 Shitty Taco Parties

51:00 Labs

55:00 Mo Got the Shingles

1:00:15 Circadian Rhythm

1:02:30 Women and WeightLoss

1:03:45 Sugar, I had Doughnuts

1:04:20 Don't Go too hard

1:06:00 Cynderblock Workout

1:06:50 Athlean-X




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